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How Much Is a Podcast Ad Worth?

Fortunately, there is an industry standard for podcast advertising.  The standard is $18 for a pre-roll ad and $23-25 for a mid-roll advertisement.

A pre-roll ad is a 15 second spot at the very beginning of the podcast that says something like, “This podcast is sponsored by XXX’s Unicycle Shop.  XXX’s Unicycles specialize in unicycles for everyone!”


The mid-roll is generally free-form.  If you’ve listened to talk show radio, you know what a mid-roll sounds like.  The host will tell the audience during the middle of his show that he loves his Sleep Number bed and then tells you a little anecdote about how he goes to bed dreaming of what overblown drama he can stir up on the radio the next day, and then makes the pitch for the Sleep Number bed.
A mid-roll advertisement is usually about 60 seconds long.  The advertiser provides the script or at least the main talking points and then invites you to free form part of it to make it sound more authentic.
Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Currently our sponsorship is set at $250/year where you can lock in 52 shows and prices will not chance as we grow in publicity.

Business sponsors can use their $250 Sponsorship package for a multiple of 15 second commercials or 1 minute mid-roll advertisement.